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Our long awaited, certified organic FOAMING hand soaps are here! These natural essential oil scented foamers are lather rich and very luxurious. They'll leave your hands clean, with no film and with no dryness! Our mini release had these soaps rocketing to fan favorite status, and we're excited to be offering them now online!

Fans of the soap commented that these foamers also work very well to clean make up brushes, too. We tried them on our coveted sable brushes and agree - and believe me when I tell you our make up brushes are serious business.

We'll be adding more scents over time, but for now these two made the cut. Enjoy them - and since they're a new product - please
drop us a line and let us know what you think!
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Citrus Lavender Foaming Hand Soap Citrus Lavender Foaming Soap

Made from the perfect blend of organic vegetable oils and natural essential oils, this foaming hand soap will leave your hands soft AND clean.  This is a certified organic product.

Our Price: $6.00
Brush Magic Foaming Makeup Brush Cleaner Foaming Make Up Brush Cleaner

SAVE YOUR MAKEUP BRUSHES! This specially formulated, organic foaming cleaner gently lifts away all makeup, dirt and oils, leaving your brushes soft, clean and FABULOUS. It's guaranteed to work with synthetic or natural bristle brushes. You only need a little bit of product to clean your entire brush collection.

Our Price: $7.99