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Private Label Candles

We offer small batch private label candles with low minimums and high quality!

Our private label program offers a standard 10 oz tumbler jar vessel with a sleek, black lid.

We require a 5 case minimum (60 candles), and a minimum of 1 case (12 candles) per scent. 

Our cost per candle is $8.00. So a minimum order would be $480 + shipping and handling. We DO NOT mark up our shipping, and will ship to you under your account if you prefer to email us a label from your preferred shipping carrier. 

We use a soy blend wax, cotton core wicks, and our scent options are free of phthalates and other synthetic nasties are unsafe to inhale. We can guarantee you a clean burn and (with a properly trimmed wick) no black dust.

We offer 10 standard scents. Custom blending is available for an additional fee. You are welcome to provide your own scents, however we do not guarantee performance when using scents outside of our manufacturing facility. We use a 10% fragrance load, and cannot guarantee that your scents will carry or hold a strong cold/hot throw. When manufacturing using your scents, production doesn't begin until we are in receipt of your fragrance oils.

As small business owners ourselves, we understand the delicate balance between investing and scaling. There aren't many options for businesses just starting out. Many private label and contract manufacturing companies require a substantial upfront investment and have high minimums. We've been there, and that's why we cater our private label program to smaller businesses.  

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