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COMING SOON - Subscribe and SAVE!

We're offering member subscriptions for our devout soap and candle lovers! Sign up for soap auto delivery for 1 or 3 month intervals, and also join our Candle of the Month Club! You will be able to cancel at any time.

Monthly SOAKscription:
  • Choose 2 large bars of soap
  • Delivers monthly
  • $9.99/month

Quarterly SOAKscription:
  • Choose 6 bars of soap
  • Delivers every 3 months
  • $25.00/quarter

Candle of the Month Club:
Love our candles? Join the club!

  • You'll receive one of our standard large candles in a new and exciting scent EVERY MONTH, along with a surprise 'extra' for being part of the club.
  • $10.99/month

Timing begins on the day of sign up, then every 30 or 90 days thereafter, depending on your SOAK'scription type. You can cancel anytime prior to shipment - no commitments.

If you're interested in being placed on the waiting list, please sign up to receive emails in the forms above. THIS DOES NOT SUBSCRIBE OR OBLIGATE YOU IN ANY WAY - NO PAYMENTS WILL BE TAKEN. It just helps us prepare to provide you with the best subscription service possible. If you have questions, feel free to email us at hello@organicsoak.com.