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Organic Soak

New Candle Scent Sampler Box

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FREE SHIPPING! Try before you buy! In this sampler box, you'll get a 2-ounce sample of all six brand-new scents for spring and summer!

Scents include:

1. Oakmoss Oasis: Capturing the essence of a serene forest retreat with the rich warmth of amber and the earthy touch of oakmoss.

2. Matcha Honey: A refreshing and sweet blend that combines matcha lemonade's invigorating aroma with a hint of golden honey.

3. Tuscan Citrus: Evoking the vibrant and zesty spirit of Italy with a crisp blend of Italian lemon and the subtle, piney notes of juniper water.

4. Hombre Amber: A warm, seductive fragrance with the deep, resinous scent of red amber.

5. Coconut Santal: A tropical, soothing melody of creamy coconut perfectly harmonized with the rich woody scent of santal.

6. Sacred Woods: A mystical and soothing blend that merges the sacred, smoky aroma of palo santo with the classic depth of sandalwood.
1. Ingredients

We use CLEAN SCENTS, meaning they are non-toxic and phthalate-free.

This dye-free candle is infused with premium fragrance oils for a delicious and luxurious aroma. Soy burns twice as long as paraffin, is healthier to breathe, doesn't create black dust, and the scent throw is much better.

• 12 Ounces
• Soy Wax
• Cotton Wick (no zinc/black soot)
• Clean burn from top to bottom

2. How to use

It is recommended that your burn this candle for a minumum of 3 hours for the first burn to ensure an even melt pool.

Please do not leave unattended or near young children or pets.

Please burn on a flat surface away from flammable objects.

    New Candle Scent Sampler Box
    New Candle Scent Sampler Box
    New Candle Scent Sampler Box
    New Candle Scent Sampler Box
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