Hi! I'm Nancy and I’m on a mission to revolutionize skin care and self care, especially when it comes to bath, body, and home products for people with psoriasis, eczema and allergies.

The struggle was real ...

As a teen, I struggled desperately with my skin. I suffered from psoriasis and eczema. This was all pre-Internet, too, so at the time I had NO IDEA what I was dealing with, or why I was (seemingly) the only person in the world who had it.

I hid all the time, from wearing sweatshirts in the summer, to layering clothes so my sores wouldn’t show or ooze through, politely declining all pool party invitations, and refusing to wear shorts under any circumstances.

Sexy, right?

It was definitely not the most confidence boosting circumstances under which to experience adolescence and early adulthood :).

Limited choices in products

What made my circumstances more difficult to deal with, were the limited choices in bath and body products for people with skin conditions like mine.

I was a girly girl. And I wanted to smell like the ‘cucumber melon’ and ‘sweet pea’ scents that were dominating the era of my teenage and young adult life. Instead, my hair smelled like coal tar, and my skin like melaleuca oil.

I didn’t like it. There was no sweet pea or cucumber melon out there for people with skin like mine, and if I dare touch the products that were so amazingly beautiful and scented, my skin would nearly burst into flames because it was so sensitive.

I was stuck with what worked. And what worked (while effective) was boring.

Time to take ACTION!

Shortly after the birth of my second child, I had a particularly severe resurgence of psoriasis. No off the shelf product could soothe it, I had to resort to steroids again and cut my hair pretty short because my scalp plaques had left my hair in sparse strands.

I was back to smelling like calcipotriene, coal tar, and melaleuca again.

But this time I decided to do something about it.

I created Organic Soak. A bath, body and home product company for people like me who need extra sensitive skin care, but want it to soothe, calm, look, and smell AMAZING, too.

Because let’s face it, when you’re dealing with autoimmune skin disorders that cause your skin to be red, inflamed, peel, flake off and do other unpleasant things, the last thing you want to do is open a sterile looking container and slap some dirt-like smelling, boring gunk on it.

I’m over boring.

I’m over hiding.

And I’m over being self conscious about my skin.

So my stuff is BOLD. It’s colorful. It’s sassy. It’s in your face.

And it’s ALL FOR US.

Are you with me?


It’s so good, that even people WITHOUT any skin conditions at all love OS products and use them regularly!

Make no mistake, my products don’t cure or treat active flairs. We’ll may always need our steroids and calcipotriene for major flair ups, and none of what OS produces or promotes replaces the advice or guidance of your doctor.

But my products won’t exacerbate, and they’ll even make you feel a bit special when you’re jumping in that bath or shower. They’re gentle, but mighty. Just like we all are from dealing with our auto-immune skin disorder.